ATS’ commitment is to ensure the transferee’s move will be as easy and stress free as possible. This includes overseeing the transportation of their automobile/boat to their new home in an efficient and professional manner; which is necessary so the transferee can be quickly settled in their new location and able to focus on their business and personal activities. It is also our goal to achieve this while reducing relocation costs to our Corporate Client.


We learn what customers want by asking the critical questions, before, during and after their relocation. That is how we continually exceed your expectations.

In all transportation program categories, from automotive to marine, ATS guarantees hands-on, door-to-door service, transporting via modern hydraulic equipment specifically built for open or enclosed over-the-road domestic transport or ocean liner international shipping. We take every precaution to avoid damage. However, should a problem occur, your concerns are addressed immediately, in-house. Our settlement procedure minimizes disruption and assures your satisfaction.

ATS’ premier service delivery is always economically priced, which makes an even greater value given the overall economic and employment environment. Our emphasis is placed on planning, negotiating, efficient handling and improving cost efficiencies. That is why ATS customers are surveyed, during and after their relocation. We take the extra step with counseling that includes establishing agreements and realistic expectations. ATS guarantees your delivery service, quoted rates, accurate invoicing, full replacement valuation, professional, personalized attention 24/7 and, when you need it, tailored management reporting.

Our services, support programs, employee training and recognition programs reflect customer feedback. In turn, our satisfied customer and reference lists grow more impressive every day.