ATS’ commitment is to ensure the transferee’s move will be as easy and stress free as possible. This includes overseeing the transportation of their automobile/boat to their new home in an efficient and professional manner; which is necessary so the transferee can be quickly settled in their new location and able to focus on their business and personal activities. It is also our goal to achieve this while reducing relocation costs to our Corporate Client.


Can my vehicle be picked up before noon on the day I am leaving?

We strongly advise against this arrangement, for leaving auto pick up until the last minute can cause undue stress at an already stressful time. Careful planning and advance pick up minimizes stress and provides for a smooth, uneventful relocation. However, in the event that there are no other options and this is the ONLY time you are available to release the vehicle, we will arrange for a local flatbed to pick up the vehicle as early in the day as possible.

Should I cancel my car insurance policy?

No, you must keep your car insurance policy (comprehensive) in effect during the transportation to cover any damage from fallen trees, tree limbs, hail, etc.

I want to leave the cover on my boat during transport, is this ok?

It is not recommended. Your boat will be safely transported without the cover. The cover must be removed prior to transport, for the wind can cause chafing and damage on the boat’s surface and may also result in damage to the cover. Insurance does not cover the tarp or related damage.

I have replaced some of the manufacturer furnishings in my mobile home with some full size furniture. Can these items remain in the home during transport?

Unfortunately no, anything other than manufacturer installed furnishings must be removed prior to transport. This requirement is strictly adhered to, to ensure the safe transport of your home.

Why does it take “X” number of working days to move my car?

By law, our drivers are only allowed to drive 550 miles per day. They must have at least one day off per week, known as down time, to rest. Therefore, transit times are based on working calendar days.

If the Van Line can deliver my household goods in a week why should it take you longer to deliver my car?

Depending on the size of your household goods shipment, your delivery time may vary with the van line as well. If you have a large load, filling a major portion of the capacity of the van, your household goods could arrive at its destination sooner since you will be the only customer utilizing it. A car carrier has room for 8 – 10 vehicles, which can be occupied by different vehicle owners. Thus, the driver may make up to ten deliveries along the route. In some cases, your vehicle could be the last one loaded on a carrier, thus making the delivery time shorter because the driver is able to depart as soon as the carrier is fully occupied.

Can I fill my car with boxes or clothes?

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) rules and regulations, the transportation of household goods, personal items, firearms or ammunition and combustible containers is prohibited. ATS’ insurance only covers the vehicle. It does not cover any of your personal belongings left inside. Shipping those items via a household goods carrier is the best way to make sure they arrive safely. Items that are left inside the car during shipment will bounce around and could get damaged or they could damage the vehicle’s interior. Also, the carrier must be weighed at the Department of Transportation (DOT) weigh stations. If the carrier is considered over weight, the DOT officer has the right to ask the driver to discard contraband to lower the weight of the carrier or the driver will be ticketed and fined.

How will my vehicle be transported?

We transport all vehicles on car carriers, the same way vehicles are transported from the factory to the new dealerships. Every care and precaution is taken to be sure your car arrives at its destination in the same shape as it was when picked up.

Is my vehicle going to be driven?

No, your vehicle will only be driven on and off the car carrier. Therefore, only a ¼ tank of gas is needed for shipment.

What if there is damage to my vehicle?

Claims will ONLY be honored if there is major change in the condition of your vehicle and you must note it on the bill of lading at destination. In the event you experience a major change in your condition, ATS must be notified immediately

Will the vehicle be delivered right to my driveway?

Narrow roads, low hanging tree limbs and overhead lines may prevent the car carrier to get right up to your driveway. If this occurs, you may be asked by the driver to meet the car carrier at a location (usually a large open parking lot) that is suitable for a safe pick up and delivery.

Do I need to be present for the pick up and delivery of my vehicle?

You or an assigned individual must be present at the time of pick up and delivery.